Stay Afloat S (0,25 kg)

Stay Afloat S (0,25 kg)


Tootekood: 93862


What is it? Stay Afloat is a thick blend of petroleum byproducts that have been severely washed and treated. The product works by displacing water and adhering to almost any surface, in water, under water or when water is comming in, or you want to keep water out. The product does not harden and can be easily removed for permanent repairs.

A benefit of this product is the ease of use. Stay Afloat is applied directly from the container and does not need any mixing, measuring or curing. The product can easily mold into holes, gaps and cracks. The product can be used alone or with other materials for larger leaks.

Stay Afloat is not intended to replace your other safety items and we reccomend that you carry several safety items to handle a variety of damage control situations.



L (0,9 kg), M (0,45 kg), S (0,25kg)

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