Aztron NOVA Compact 10’0″ (305cm) 2021a mudel!

Aztron NOVA Compact 10’0″ (305cm) 2021a mudel!


Uus 2021.a mudel!

Mõõdud: 305cm x 81cm x 15cm
Paksus: 15cm
Kaal: 9kg
Maht: 275l
Max õhusurve: 15psi
Kandevõime/max: 85kg/115kg

Komplektis on kõik vajalik:
SUP aerulaud, aer, seljakott, Double-Action pump, turvarihm, uim.

Saadavus: Toode on laos Tootekood: 911103


The NOVA 10’0″ Compact SUP promises a thrilling journey with its brand new concept. Transforming the typical SUP to less than half of its traditional size without compromising performance. With a LITE version of Aztron’s signature Double Chamber technology, the NOVA 10’0″ is jsut as up-to-par with any other all-round SUP, being absolutely more rigid yet remains lightweight for easy transport.

A unique 5-inch push-in fin system is introduced with NOVA. The twin fin system cuts through water with excellent speed and guarantees tracking. Compact, Lightweight, Chic design encompass what an Aztron NOVA all-round SUP is all about.


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Kaks õhukambrit, Single layer

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