Aztron TITAN 11’11” (363cm) Uus 2021a mudel!

Aztron TITAN 11’11” (363cm) Uus 2021a mudel!


Uus 2021.a mudel!

Mõõdud: 363cm x 81cm x 15cm
Paksus: 15cm
Kaal: 9.6kg
Maht: 320l
Max õhusurve: 15psi
Kandevõime/max: 112kg/155kg

Komplektis on kõik vajalik:
SUP aerulaud, aer, seljakott, Double-Action pump, turvarihm, uim.

Tootekood: 911106


The most popular shape air SUP on the planet, the TITAN 11’11” defines a style that many riders aspire to. With the largest size in the range and the 32” extra width, this is an incredibly easy to ride all-around board that is perfect for ambitious or bigger size riders. Looking for a combination of comfort and performance, TITAN is the right one to go.

The Double Chamber construction guarantees a board 50% safety buoyancy in case any chamber leaks and gives more durability with 30% increased stiffness. The diamond grooved footpad covers nearly two-third of the top deck and is able to deliver massive grip and absolute controlled paddling.


SUP omadused

Kaks õhukambrit, Single layer

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