Aztron 2in1 Double Blade 2.0 SUP aer

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 16.33  (ESTO)


Strong and extremely durable reinforced nylon blades
Easy paddling for upstream, into the wind, or even carrying an extra passenger or child
Double blade design improves center of balance, helps paddle straighter, and aids in maneuverability
Allows paddler to paddle efficiently without the need to switch paddle sides and swap hands
Multiple pieces allow the paddle to break apart for easy transport and storage
3-section paddle and adjustable up to 224CM

SKU: 9112191


The Aztron STYLE II Double Blade Paddle features an easy conversion of SUP paddle into a double blade kayak style paddle. The double blade paddle is used similar to kayak paddle while stand up paddling. This method creates a steady rhythm, which gives better balance and increased maneuverability.

The 2-in-1 Paddle is great for beginner learning to balance and for experts running rivers or paddling into currents or small waves. The paddle can be easily adjusting to different paddler’s heights with two quick cam-lock adjusters. The cam-lock design also allows the blades to be feathered to ease paddling into the wind.