Solar Power Supply 95W Shingle Flex ETFE

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Cell type: Shingle > 21,8% efficiency
Power 95 W
Voc – V open circuit 23.20 V
Imp – A max power 4.79 A
Vmp – V max power 19.80 V
Isc – A short circuit 5.35 A
Type of output MC4
Waterproof Yes
Dimensions 1170 x 450 x 3mm
Weight 2,4 kg
Material ETFE
Saadavus: Toode on laos Tootekood: 920176


The Solar Power Supply 95W Shingle Flexible Solar Panel is developed with the latest technology for a professional application. The 95W flexible solar panel is equipped with Shingle solar cells. These cells have a higher efficiency than other comparable monocrystalline solar panels. The Shingle solar cells of this panel are solar cells that are cut into five strips. These strips are laid on top of each other like shingles to form an electrical connection and are connected using electrically conductive glue, which allows for conductivity and flexibility. As a result, the cells are connected differently than conventional solar panels. A unique feature is that no busbars are required. Moreover, these solar panels are wired differently, which means they can generate more power in shaded areas. This technique ensures higher efficiency, better performance in shady conditions and thus higher returns. Thanks to the weight of only 2400 grams and the flexible material, the solar panel can be attached to any desired location (boat, camper or caravan) without any worries.