Scout AM-FM painduv antenn

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 15.33  (ESTO)


The vinyl plastic whip combines toughness and great flexibility in only 25 cm length, and it guarantees an optimal reception of radio signals when cruising.

Saadavus: Toode on laos SKU: KS-100


High technical performance, exclusive design and convenient size all in one: this is the new SCOUT KS-100, the ultimate AM-FM marine antenna indicated for all types of boats. The anti-UV filter avoids the deterioration of the colouring and keeps the antenna bright white. Moreover, the whip can be easily removed by hand to facilitate trailering, coverage and storage. The mount of the KS-100 has been designed to allow an easy and quick installation, and the inner rubber gasket prevents leakage. The antenna is supplied together with a 4 m AM-FM cable + jack.

Technical specifications
 Frequency  88-108 MHz
 Impedance  75 ohm
 Whip material  Vinyl plastic UV resistant
 Cable  4 m AM-FM cable + jack
 Mounting  Mounting set included
 Length  25 cm
 Weight  0,09 kilo