VIKING RescYou™ Coastal UKCL (6) kandekotis

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 581.33  (ESTO)


The smart solution for coastal cruising, inland sailing and sport fishing, geared for situation where rescue is expected within 24 hours.

Bag dimensions: 79 x 39 x 37 cm
28 kg

Tootekood: 921126


VIKING RescYou™­ Coastal is the smart solution if you boat in coastal or inland waters near rescue points. It is lightweight and easy to transport and fit on board.

Exceeding requirements for ISO 9650-1 Type 2 approval, this model includes a wide range of additional features including an automatically inflatable canopy, innovative boarding ramp providing swift and easy boarding, and full complement of SOLAS flares. Large ballast bags keep the liferaft stable in the water, helping to prevent capsize in heavy seas.

The VIKING RescYou™ Coastal liferaft comes with a specifically designed coastal survival emergency pack that covers all basic needs in coastal rescue situations. The liferaft is ISO 9650-1 Type 2 certified and third party approved by DNV.

The VIKING RescYou™ Coastal liferaft comes in the size of 6 persons and is available in a durable container or water resistant valise.


  • Four 55 liter weighted ballast bags for stability in heavy seas
  • SOLAS high-visibility retro-reflective tape on canopy, sides, buoyancy chambers and under the liferaft
  • Automatic SOLAS/USCG exterior and interior light
  • Internal and external lifelines
  • Rain water collector
  • Base material of strong, yet flexible, natural rubber
  • Sizes: 6 persons