Lifesaver isetäituv hobuseraud

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 48.00  (ESTO)


Easy to deploy the lifebuoy is encased in a tough yellow shell case, which can easily be thrown to a person in the water.  When submersed it automatically inflates and the opened yellow shell case works as a sea anchor, ensuring that the lifebuoy does not get caught by the wind and blow away.

The black webbing can be used to attach the horseshoe shaped lifebuoy to the body so it is easy to swim in and the webbing loop can be used to assist lifting a person back on board a boat.  Air can be topped up and released via a standard mouth inflation tube.

The lifebuoy is easily re-armed with a 33g CO2 cylinder and a UML automatic cartridge.

As well as being manufactured in a high visibility bright yellow, the inflatable lifebuoy is fitted with retro reflective patches on both sides for added visibility. The Baltic Lifesaver is rated to 135 Newtons and comes in 1 standard size.

SKU: 96111