Biocool Purify My Drinking Water


Tap water in a closed vessel water system quickly becomes unusable. Many people think that it is enough to refill with fresh water often, but unfortunately this is not true. In a closed system, there is always old water left in the tank that is mixed with the new. With Biocool Purify my drinking water, the water stays clean for a full three months. When the water runs out – refill and dose the corresponding number of tablets.

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Biocool Purify my drinking water is for everyone who wants a clean and fresh drinking water. Whether you have a water tank in the countryhome, caravan, motorhome, boat or want to be prepared for the unexpected.

Through its purification process, you can be sure that your water is always clean, fresh and safe to use. Whether you use the water as drinking water or to make coffee. The product adds oxygen to the drinking water, which means that it retains the good taste.

The product is environmentally friendly and emits neither taste nor smell.

Dose 1 tablet to 5 liters of water and leave on for at least 3 hours before using the water. The dissolution time of the tablet is affected by whether the water is in motion or not.

When filling the tank with new water, dispense the corresponding number of tablets according to the user instructions. Works in all types of water tanks of both metal and plastic.

In water tanks and hose systems, deposits inevitably form. For best results, clean your water tank 2-4 times a year with Biocool Clean my water tank.

One can contains 250 tablets and is enough for 1250 liters of water.