Magic Reboard hädaabi redel

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 46.33  (ESTO)


The Magic-Reboard is a rescue reboarding Ladder, easy to install and easy to use. It has been besigned to reboard unaided in complete security. In conformity with the Norm EN/ISO 15085 and the European Directive 2013/53/ EU, it adapts to all types and sizes of boats. Easy to install, cow hitch the reboarding ladder around the stern rail.

Dimension: 27 x 295 cm
Weight: 1.10 Kg

Tootekood: 934970


The small line allows the ladder to be opened unaided from the water. The ladder unfolds automatically. The length of the ladder is adapted for most boats on the market today. The steps of the ladder have been specially designed to sink in the water. In order to easily reboard there should be 2 steps in the water. Reboarding is facilitated with wide steps to allow both feet on the steps at the same time and a reasonable distance between the steps to make climbing easier.