Aqua Marina HYPER Touring 11’6″ (350cm)

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 163.00  (ESTO)

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Mõõdud: 350cm x 79cm
Paksus: 15cm
Kaal: 11kg
Maht: 330l
Max õhusurve: 15psi/10psi (inner chamber)
Kandevõime: 150kg

Komplektis on:
SUP aerulaud, seljakott, Double-Action pump, turvarihm, Race uim.

Tootekood: 98452


Making new discoveries and experiencing adventures has never been more exciting with our touring boards! Our HYPER is the perfect cruiser with an exclusive Double Chamber Technology which provides extra safety and rigidity. With more paralleled rails and a broadened tail this year, our new HYPER is sturdy yet sporty, ensuring clean and straight tracking.

The two sizes are fast, easy to paddle and keep balance, even if you are a first-time SUPer. The 6-inch thickness gives incredible rigidity while extra volume keeps you and your luggage up and dry.

Unsurpassed stiffness and stability brought by the new double chamber construction makes the  HYPER ideal for carrying camping gear, whilst the streamlined outline makes it perfect for high-speed cruising enabling you to paddle further and longer.


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