Hella käsiprožektor LED

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 56.00  (ESTO)


Võimsus 30W ja valgusvõimsus 2500lm. Sisendpinge 9…33V DC. Veekindel IP68. Kaabli pikkus on 3,5m.

LR (long range) – pika valgusvihuga.

SKU: 95841


Long range search light with the energy saving advantages of Hella marine LED technology.

Hella marine hand held search lights are vital tools for night sailing and essential for spotting looming obstacles from a safe distance, or dependable light in an emergency.

Rugged construction and a new Corosafe coating system is specifically designed for the harsh marine environments so ideal for Coast Guard, fishing vessels, sailing boats and all types of recreational and commercial vessels.

MultivoltTM technology ensures reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery conditions. Advanced electronics provide reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for long life and reliable operation.