Calypso Ultrasonic Portable Mini tuule andur

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Bluetooth, pocket-sized ultrasonic anemometer. Built with ultrasonic sensors, with no moving parts to make it robust and dependable. It will provides you one of the greatest accuracy in an anemometer.

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Simple mount 

The Ultrasonic portable MINI has a female thread (1/4″) perfect to be mounted on any tripod.

Get Anemotracker app for free!  

Despite  the multiple apps available, we do provide a free app: Anemotracker. Anemotracker will connect to your Portable Mini and provide you with:

  • Apparent wind speed and direction.
  • Real wind speed and direction (if used on a vehicle or boat).
  •  Track your wind data and export via excel or Google Earth.
  • Upgrade the latest firmware version from the App-This new add-on will let the user to upgrade the Ultrasonic Portable to  the latest firmware version from Anemotracker app.
  • Wind direction adjustable damping.
  • Velocity Made Good calculations.
  •  New derived data: stylish graphs with Means and deviations.
  • Configure the units of measure: m/s, km/h, Kt.
  •  Threshold alarm, direction offset, map mode, etc…

Wireless and Battery Powered

  • Wireless Charging QI- the Ultrasonic Portable Mini can be recharged on a wireless charged pad connected via USB to the power.
  • No data wires, but connectable to your network: its bluetooth connection avoids the hassle of wiring it to a display. Still, if you want to connect the Ultrasonic Portable to a display or network, you can use one of our gateways: the NMEA Connect Plus gets the Portable Bluetooth signal and converts it to a wired NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 signal. It also relays the Bluetooth signal and casts NMEA0183 data via WiFi.


Wind Speed                 Range: 1 – 25 m/s

Resolution: ±0.1 m/s at 10m/s

Wind direction             Range: 0 – 359º

Accuracy: ±1º

Sensors                        Ultrasonic transducers (4x)

Sample rate: 1 Hz

 Power                           Battery powered (150 hours autonomy)

Wireless charging QI

Bluetooth                      Version: 5.1

Range: Up to 50 m (free space)

IP Code                          IPX8 protection grade (10 meters).

Dimensions                   Diameter: 43 mm

Height: 47 mm

Weight: 78 grams