Scout USB Wifi antenn 35dB

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The KS-60 2.0 couples a high gain 10dB omnidirectional antenna with a high performance WiFi card of 300mW output power, creating a powerful 35dBm transceiver in an elegant and waterproof case.

Saadavus: Toode on laos Tootekood: KS-60-2


Extremely simple to connect with plug-and-play setup: connect the 5m USB cable to your laptop, download the drivers and surf the web with high speed. Connecting to the WiFi provided by marinas, harbors, resorts, hotels and restaurants won’t be a problem anymore. Moreover your connection will be more stable and your download speed will be vastly improved. Designed specifically for the marine environment, the KS-60 2.0 is the perfect solution to receive even the farther WiFi signals and get them on your boat.

Technical specifications
 Bus Type  USB Version 2.0
 USB Cable Length  5 m
 IEEE Protocol  802.11b/g/n
 Operating Frequency  2400 to 2484 MHz
 Data Rate  Up to 300 Mbps
 Operating Power  5.0V (USB Only)
 RF transmit power  35 dBm
 Security  WPA, WPA2
 Height  1,1 m
 Weight  0,64 kilo