Haswing CAYMAN B 55 GPS (Valge Gen1.6)

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 349.67  (ESTO)


The all-new Cayman Helmsman GPS Bow Mount trolling motor is based on the same basic design principle as Haswing’s bestselling Cayman B, and comes packed with all of features you’ve come to love on the Cayman B including sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics. Supplied standard with all the necessary hardware for mounting to fit straight onto the boat, or gear up with our quick release plate with a foot print of just 120mm x 200mm when not in use. All motors feature LED battery display and 1.5 meter wiring loom.

Võimsus max: 660W 55lbs
Voolutarve max: 55A
Vint: 3 labaline (9,3″)
Pöörded täiskäigul: 1250 RPM
Soovitatav aku: 12v, 105AH
Müratase: 50dB
Toru pikkus: 1370mm (reguleeritav kõrgus, alumiinium)
Kaal: 13,9kg

Tootekood: 9117611