Linnupeletaja lendav kull


Linnupeletaja lendav kull

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Läbimõõt 1,18 m

Teleskoopvarre pikkus 6m

Pikkus kokkupakituna: 1,1m

Saadavus: Toode on laos Tootekood: 01246


How to assemble the hawk kite

1. Lay the hawk kite face down on a flat surface

2. Connect the 2 front edge wing rods using the metal tube ensuring that the metal tube is threaded through the fabric hoop attached to the head of the hawk outline.

3. Connect the 2 tail rods to the opposite top plastic parts of the wings ensuring that the rods are crossed half way along to provide rigidity to the kite frame.

4. Tie the swivel end of the line onto the metal eye at the top of the telescopic pole

5. The other end of the line is attached to the pre-made loop on the other side of the hawk kite.

6. Drive the white base into the soil down to about 40-50cm. In soft or wet ground drive the pole further down for extra stability.

7. Extend telescope pole to its full length, pulling each section firmly into the next with a slight twist to lock in place.

8. Slot the telescopic pole over the ground post and leave your hawk kite to fly whilst you get on with something more important.

We recommend disassembling the hawk kite in case of strong winds > 28mph (45km/h).

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