Baltic Legend 165 Harness (automaatne)

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 60.00  (ESTO)


  • Size: One size 40-120 kg

Automatic inflation mechanism and integrated deck safety harness.

The Legend has a completely different design compared with traditional inflatable lifejackets, providing a secure yet comfortable fit on both men and women. Featuring a larger neck opening, pliable material, padded back, larger viewing windows and detachable crotch strap.

Also available is the performance Legend SLA version which is equipped with an integrated spray hood, emergency light and internal attachment points for a AIS or PLB transmitter.

A new feature for all Baltic inflatable lifejackets, is that they are now equipped with a cylinder retainer, this prevents the gas cylinder from working loose even in severe vibration and temperature extremes.

SKU: 98199