Windex XL

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WINDEXL is the latest variant of the world famous WINDEX product range that is seen on hundreds of thousands of sailing boats around the world. At 23 inches the new WINDEXL is one and half times the size of the WINDEX 15, and is the largest of the current models.

The WINDEXL has come about due to an increasing demand from larger yachts and is recommended for masts 17-30 meters (55 to 100 feet).  Recently built sailboats have grown steadily larger and their masts increasingly taller. The new, larger WINDEXL model is designed for these yachts. In the last few decades, for example, virtually all of the single hull yachts in the America’s Cup – Volvo Ocean race have been equipped with a WINDEX.

Ocean racing and Cruising model for large yachts
Length 23 inches/58 cm
Sapphire jewel suspension
Reflective markers on vane
Can be fitted with Windex light
Weight 160 grams
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