Autokülmik Isotherm TB18


Autokülmik Isotherm TB18

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Kompressoriga autokülmik, külmutab sisu temperatuurini kuni -18c

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Compact design and excellent performance: thanks to the new BD Micro compressor, the TB18 is compact outside and spacious inside like a thermoelectric fridge, but performs at deep freezer to refrigerator temperatures. The BD Micro 1.4F by SECOP (formerly Danfoss) is a compressor with integrated control electronics which regulates the speed according to the temperature set on the thermostat and the inside of the refrigerator, consumption is thus reduced to a minimum. The new TB15 is all injection made using high quality components and thanks to its low weight and the adjustable shoulder strap it is particularly easy to carry and transport everywhere.

Temperatures can be set on the convenient digital display from zero degrees up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  The user can set the temperature they desire to quickly freeze fresh catch, chill beverages to their preferred temperature, or to carry delicate medicines that require refrigeration on their travels.

The Travel Box 18 has Intelligent Temperature Control, Intelligent Soft-Start, Automatic Turbo Cooling (MAX mode), Low battery consumption (ECO mode), 12/24 volt operation with a cigarette lighter plug, and 3-stage battery protection, all in a light and compact design that can fit between seats on the boat or in the car.

Volume 18L
Dimensions H x W x D: 405 x 565 x 235
Weight 8,6kg
Power consumption 160 W/24h
Operation temperature -18 to 10 C

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