Aqua Marina VIBRANT Youth 8’0″ (244cm)

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 83.00  (ESTO)


Mõõdud: 244cm x 71cm x 10cm
Paksus: 10cm
Kaal: 5.6kg
Maht: 140l
Max õhusurve: 15psi
Kandevõime: 60kg

Komplektis on kõik vajalik:
SUP aerulaud, Ace aer, seljakott, Double-Action pump, turvarihm, uim.

SKU: 98450


It’s not just adults that love stand up paddling, and that’s why we refreshed the very special kids SUP board for the younger paddlers.

VIBRANT features an all-around versatile shape and a compact package, ideal for kids to set up and pack away on themselves. No matter they want to explore fun on flat water or get out to catch some small waves, this board is a perfect choice to start with.

Built in our Drop Stitch Light Technology with welded rails, the 8’0” VIBRANT is ultra-stiff and durable. And the upgraded non-print diamond grooving EVA footpad has made this new board soft and gentle for any stance. Stable and easy to paddle, VIBRANT is especially user-friendly for the younger generation!


SUP omadused

Single layer, Üks õhukamber