Scout Quick-4 VHF fiberglass antenn 1m

Maksa kolmes võrdses osas: 3 x 28.33  (ESTO)


QUICK 4 has been designed to be easily installed on every type of boat, thanks to its unique technical features: the white fiberglass rod can be easily removed by hand whenever not needed, the FME male connector for a simple connection of the 5 m coaxial cable with pre-installed FME connectors, the stainless steel 1” x 14 thread adaptor to enable a fast installation of the antenna on any kind of deck mount, rail mount and bracket. Package includes antenna, 5m cable with FME connectors and FME/PL-259 adapter.

Saadavus: Toode on laos Tootekood: quick-4


Technical specifications:

 Frequency  156-162 MHz
 Impedance  50 ohm
 Electrical length  1/2 λ
 V.S.W.R.  < 1,5:1
 Polarization  Vertical
 Gain  3 dB
 Max power input  50 W
 DC ground  Yes
 Whip material  Fiberglass
 Connector  FME Male
 Mounting  1″ x 14 thread adaptor
 Length  1,0 m (3.3′)
 Weight  0,40 kilo